Are coming with us to Paris


Take part with your organisation

Go to Paris as an organisation

Would you like to participate as an organization? Send us an email with the name of your organization and a logo in good quality. Indicate someone inside within your organization as a contact for Climate Express and send us their name, email and telephone number, so we can keep in touch.

During the sign up, the travellers will be asked if they are part of one of the participating organisations with a drop-down menu. In addition, they will be asked if they want to receive a newsletter from the respective organisation. When asked, we can regularly send a list of travellers from your organisation to your contact person.

Mobilise your supporters

Download our flyer, poster, and banner for mail and Facebook here.

Work together on the content of the program

We want to make the journey a place for meeting, exchange and inspiration. Climate Express ensures a logistic framework, a warm seat and a roof above your head, but we also want to provide a fascinating programme en route and in Paris. We are closely following the preparations in Paris and are offering workshops for organisations that want to come up with actions for creative resistance at the end of the negotiations. Next to this we are looking for partners to work together on the evening programme during the 5-day bike ride. There is also time and space on the trains and coaches to and from the Climate March for inspiring activities!

Let us know if your organisation wants to help work together on this.

Organise a stop for the Train on Tour

To inspire 10,000 Belgians to book a seat on the Climate Express, we have to organise different original actions. In the coming months our train is going on tour with our #movetheclimate campaign through different Belgian towns and cities. A critical mass, station actions, street art, the Climate Express song, a growing piece of art and much more are already planned.

Would your organisation or association be up for organising a stop for the Train on Tour? Let us know!

Welcome our promo team

There is an army of ambassadors ready to promote Climate Express far and wide! Invite us to your event or festival in order to talk about Climate Express or set up our ticket box for people to sign up!

Support us with a helping hand

As an organisation, you can also help Climate Express with man- or woman-power! Some partners have already got interns involved in our working groups. We can offer interesting sets of tasks in terms of logistic organisation, international collaboration, running campaigns, communication, social media, volunteer management and much more. This is taking place in a short-term project with high ambitions, in an inspiring atmosphere of enthusiastic volunteers.

Don't hesitate to contact us if your organisation can contribute in this way to the journey to Paris!

Climate Express cooperates with

Coalition Climat 21

We work together with Coalition Climat 21, a French coalition that is striving for a mobilisation of thousands of people to the COP21 in Paris and further.

Coalition Climat 21

We are a member of the executive board of the Belgian Climate Coalition, a network of seventy organisations from the environmental, North-South, youth and trade union movements. In collaboration with the Climate Coalition Climate Express organises Train on Tour.

Coalition Climat 21

We are a co-organiser of Alternatiba Brussels, a big alternative village in a public space, which wants to show the number of existing alternatives to deal with climate change.

Coalition Climat 21

We work together with Victoria Deluxe to produce a participatory documentary. Ten teenagers from Ghent will bike to the climate top in Paris and they will come back as young climate ambassadors. Their traject will be covered on camera!

Coalition Climat 21

We collaborate with the empty boxes' project of Climaxi. Proposals on climate policy are printed and sent to the Flemish and federal government.

Climate Express supports

Coalition Climat 21

We are aligned behind D19-20, an alliance that mobilises against the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP), a free trade treaty that the European Union and the US want to sign that could be a disaster for the climate and our social model.

Coalition Climat 21

We support Hart boven Hard/ Tout Autre Chose, a growing citizens' movement that is working hard in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia for more solidarity in these times of austerity, and against a society where profit is valued above all else.

The more the merrier

Climate Express is a pioneer in he European mobilisation for Paris. We co-organise Paris’ wheels, a coordinationplatform for bikesquads and we’re member of coalition Climat (CC21), the French coalition that is preparing the whole shenanigans in Paris.


This coalition has seen the light in the beginning of 2014 to prepare to COP21 with the French associations, as well on on the level of content as practical. It gathers environmental organisations, trade unions, NGO’s, grass-roots movement and student organisations. The big international organisations as and the International Trade Union Congress are represented. Internationaal Vakverbond zijn present.

Paris ‘Wheels

By train or by bike, running, walking or cannooing towards Paris. As you can see on the map we won’t be the only ones who’ll be taking a trip to Paris. To coordinate all of this we have regular Skype-meetings with all the brave ones from all over Europe who will be flooding the French capital in december.

Brussels Gathering

Of course mobilising isn’t only a practical matter, there’s a strong political message. Brussels gathering is a group of formost grass-roots movements who strive to a common message in Paris, a framework for action, a shared agenda and the exchange of kwowledge and experience.