What’s going on?

At the end of this year, crucial international climate negotiations are taking place in Paris. The aim: a new global climate deal. The climate movement won’t miss that train and is calling for a mass mobilisation! We kickstart the negotiations with a massive climate march on Sunday 29th of November and close the summit with an extraordinary pièce de resistance from December 11th to 13th.

International climate summit

From November 30th till December 12th, Paris will be hosting the 21st International Climate Summit, organized by the United Nations. The expectations for Paris are high. The aim is to sign the successor to the Kyoto Protocol. The year 2015 is tipping point. According to international scientists we must act now if we want to avert a climate disruption with negative consequences for people and society. This means that the climate summit in Paris is more than just another climate conference: it is a crucial moment to knock on our politicians door.


Flood the streets during the global climate march

On Sunday, November 29th, just before the start of the negotiations, we flood the streets of Paris with our demands and alternatives, joining others in similar events in cities worldwide. While marching with hundreds of thousands of people, we are setting the pace for the negotiations. We want to talk about what it's really all about: climate, decent work, health, human rights, inequality, migration and true democracy. Follow this page for more information as preparations in Paris proceed.

Creative Resistance at the Climate Games

The weekend from 11-13 December, we travel to Paris again to conclude the negotiations with an impressive piece of creative resistance. This time, we have the last word! In the Climate Games, Paris will be transformed into a gigantic playground, with a wide range of creative non-violent resistance and actions. Engaged citizens from all corners of Europe will stream into the city in order to show the power of the climate movement and to determine the agenda for the coming years. Follow this page for more information as preparations in Paris proceed.


What we want

Together we want a clear message to be sent to the policy makers: we want a decisive and solidary approach for the climate issues. Also behind Paris, we will put pressure to keep them on the correct track. Do you agree with these propositions? Welcome to Climate Express!


Ambitious agreement

We expect that the Belgian team in Paris will play a pioneering role to provide the climate summit with a legally binding agreement with ambitious targets and which besides is internationally and socially equitable. We ask ourselves serious questions about the presence of several multinational companies at the climate summit and call on our elected leaders to choose credible partners and sponsors for the negotiations.


Down with emissions

We ask that the Belgian politicians roll up their sleeves to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions in line with what scientists deem necessary to limit global warming to 2° (i.e.: 25-40% reduction by 2020 and 80-95% reduction in 2050, compared with 1990). This by investing in projects in our own country and not by using loopholes such as purchasing clean air in the South.


Towards 100% renewable energy

We expect politicians to look further than the end of their noses and outline a vision for the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Leave fossil fuels in the ground and dump the crack reactors, the future is renewable and starts today!


Socially just transition

We need a social change of course: not profit, but man and the environment should play a central role. We ask that politicians to focus on a socially just transition with decent work, quality jobs and the protection of social rights.


International Solidarity

The people in the south are the most vulnerable to the effects of global warming, although they are the least responsible for it. Politicians should provide adequate funding for sustainable development on a worldwide level and adapt themselves to the already recurring droughts, floods, hurricanes, and so forth.


Power to the People

It is high time for a democracy that goes beyond casting our votes every few years. We want a participatory policy, for and by the people. A society where everyone is involved in deciding which direction we should go and where basic needs like water, energy and mobility are in the hands of the community. Because sun, wind, water and the city are in the interests of everyone!

Why 10.000

Power of a mass of people

History teaches us that a mass of people can force big, vital changes. That is why we want to be present en masse on the streets of Paris at the end of November. Change does not appear out of thin air. It happens when citizens unite. If together they voice their concerns and indignation and demands that things change. In Paris we want to hear a wide variety of voices from across the globe. With our united power we will demand that decision makers find the political courage to change the old fossil fuel system for the renewable and just alternatives that have been available for years.